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When I was in high school, maybe out of fun, my classmates voted for me to co-host a pre-Valentine mini show that we held in a small auditorium.  It was supposed to be like a TV show, which I will be hosting with — of all people — my crush.  We called our class’ show “Echoes of the Heart.”

In that program, we featured our fellow classmates as they interpret love songs popular at the time.  My co-host and I, for our part, did the introductions and made sure there was a seamless transition between the performances.

Although, I was quite nervous — not just because I was standing in front of a huge crowd, but also because I was hosting with my long-time secret love — I managed to do my job fairly enough until the end of the show.  But before the show ended, a surprise act that I had planned days earlier, became my life’s most embarrassing moment.

My plan was to finally show my feelings for my co-host by giving her a bouquet of roses at the end of the program, while singing “All My Life” by the group America.

Towards the end of the show, as planned, I let her deliver her closing spiels first so I could do an ad lib, which is an introduction of my “final act.”  But much to my surprise, upon accepting the bouquet of roses, she walked out of the stage and hurried to the backstage.  Unfortunately for me, I was still making my way to the chorus.  Probably wanting to save me from further humiliation, my teacher went up to the stage and urged my classmates to do the same, as if it was a “grand closing number.”

Now, of course, I simply laugh at the foolishness I did almost a decade ago.  Occasionally, the memories would flash back in my mind everytime I come across the words “Echoes of the Heart.”  In fact, this “cute” memory stored in a 256MB slot in my brain, is what inspired me to put up this audio blog.  I wish to share with people not just my personal stories of falling and failing in love.  But this is not at all an “all-drama” blog. Instead, it will serve as venue for people to tell their cute stories of love to the world, accompanied by a song that made the memory last.  In my story about the pre-Valentine show, the song that could make me remember vividly what happened is the song which I sang at the end of the show — “All My Life.”

So if you have one wonderful love story to tell, please send it to me through the comment box below.  If your story is worth broadcasting to the world, then you’d hear it posted on this blogsite in a few days.  Enjoy listening.


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